Passenger & Material Hoist


Is designed for passenger and materials transport. Its offers flexibility, efficiency, safety, low energy consumption and low operating costs, making it the ideal hoist solution for construction companies. The standard range of P&M hoists offer the optimum transport solution for low rise, medium and high rise constructions of all types. Typical applications include new build construction, refurbishment, chimney/slip form, offshore and bridge construction.

With its strong construction and extraordinarily long life, this Passenger & Material Hoist has a high preference in the market. Manufactured with using of quality raw materials and great rack and pinion technology. This quality hoist provides a high level of efficiency. With its high weight bearing capacity, the product finds its application in several construction and logistic industries for the purpose of transferring goods to an elevated area. The product consumes low level of energy and is easy to maintain.

  • Digital Floor Selector Visual Error Indicator

  • Emergency Stop Button Hour Meter to Display working Hours of Hoist Audio Visual Overload Indicator

  • 5mm thick aluminum checkered side walls

  • 5mm thick anti-skid MS checkered plate for floor Hot dip galvanized MS checkered plate for entry & exit doors

  • Hot dip galvanization process ensures strong metallurgical bond between corrosion resistant zinc coating & base material

  • Avoids corrosion even in extreme weather

  • Gives longer life

  • Assures structure stability which helps multiple erections

  • The swivel design makes it easy to load & unload the rebars (refer the above dotted arrow)

  • Modular Roof, as an attachment to the cage can carry labour at multi-storey projects

  • This attachment has been designed in-line with universally accepted CE standards

  • Rack Search Limit Switch

  • Top, Bottom & Final Limit Switch

  • Entry & Exit Door Limit Switch

Safety Features
arrow5arrow5 Safety brake (UC-3.0)   arrow5arrow5 Landing door locking device in closed position, limit switch
arrow5arrow5 Emergency lowering system   arrow5arrow5 Cage door closed limit switches
arrow5arrow5 Final limit switch on the top and bottom end of the mast   arrow5arrow5 Cage door locking device in closed position, limit switch
arrow5arrow5 Functional limit switches on the top and bottom end of the mast   arrow5arrow5 Service key switch on the roof
arrow5arrow5 Safety railing (h=1,10 m) and kick board on the roof   arrow5arrow5 Root hatch closed limit switch
arrow5arrow5 Landing door/gate closed, limit switch   arrow5arrow5 Lockable service door at the ground station
arrow5arrow5 Overload detection device   arrow5arrow5 Buffers at the ground station under the cage
arrow5arrow5 Residual current device   arrow5arrow5 Brakes – spring-loaded disc brake
arrow5arrow5 Emergency stop buttons at the ground station, in the cage and the roof
Technical Features

Veriable Frequency Construction Hoist
(Double cage)
SC100/100BD  SC100/100BZ SC200/200BD SC200/20BZ
Max.laoding Capacity 1000 kg 1000 kg 2000 kg 2000 kg
Lifting speed 0-46m/min 0-63m/min 0-46m/min 0-63m/min
Motor power 2*2*11kw 2*3*15kw 2*3*11kw 2*2*15kw
Inverter power 2*30kw 2*45kw 2*55kw 2*30kw
Mast Section 650x650x1508 650x650x1508 650x650x1508 650x650x1508
BD-low rate frequency conversion/BZ-medium-rate frequency conversion.