Suspended Rope Platform


Suspended Rope Platform is a unique system for safe working at great heights. Its reduce your Investment on more expensive scaffolding system and help to finishing work with efficiency.

  • Construction and Decoration for the external wall of high rise buildings, installing curtain wall and exterior components.

  • Repairing, checking, maintenance and cleaning for the external wall of the high-rise buildings

  • Installing signage and billboard for the high rise buildings

  • Construction repairing and maintenance for large-scale projects such as large tank, chimney, dams and bridges.

Safety Features
  • Anti-tilting and anti dropping safety lock

  • Electrical control system

  • High quality steel wire rope

  • Lower and upper limit switch

  • Centrifuge breaking system

  • Advanced Suspension mechanism

Technical Features
Rated load (kg) 800/650/250
Platform Dimensions (L*W*H) 7500*690*1460
Length of platform (mtrs) 7.5/5/1.2
Safety lock model LST 30
Rated power 1.8/1.5 (kw)* 2
Diameter of steel rope (mm) 8.3 - 9.2
Counter Weight : 340-1000 kg
  • New design Rope Guide pulley is provided on the roof device for easy pulling of the wire rope on top. A new rope locking device is also provided on the roof device middle beam to lock it and the wire rope is crimped with aluminum

  • The cable-protecting device is provided which stops the platform when the cable is pulled, thus increasing the life of the cable

  • The cable is of 100 m. & properly packed in wooden box

  • Control panel body is made of good finish stainless steel, which gives longer life. It contains all electrical components of Schneider, the ELCB & contractors. 3 pin Electric power socket of European design on bottom of panel is also provided